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Posada LunaSol

About Us

Mary Harter and Ricardo Amador Higuera

Ricardo, a La Paz native, and Mary, a seasoned Baja guide since 1983, began running sea kayaking and whale watching trips out of La Paz in 1993 and thus Mar Y Aventuras (Sea & Adventures) was created. It had been a dream of theirs from the onset to build tastefully decorated yet modestly priced guest rooms for their adventure trip clientele needing accommodations in La Paz before and after their camping adventures to the islands.

In 2000 their dream of the hotel Posada LunaSol was realized with the first 9 guest rooms built on the second floor above the Mar Y Aventuras office and warehouse. Built in the same safe and quiet neighborhood where Ricardo grew up, the hotel's convenient location (only 3 blocks from the waterfront boardwalk) and charming atmosphere has attracted more than just sea kayaking clientele over the years. The small hotel has grown to 20 rooms on 3 floors with a pool and cafe yet maintains its quaint and cozy atmosphere where you'll find friendly faces to greet you upon arrival.

Ricardo, who lives only a few blocks from the hotel, and Mary, who now runs the US-based sales office in Bozeman, MT, share a deep love and admiration for La Paz and Baja, especially the surrounding natural areas of outlying islands and remote beaches.

Ismael Alfonso Monteverde

Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras Client Services - Day Time Hours
A La Paz local, Ismael or “Ish”, grew up enjoying the beautiful Baja elements of wind and water. He claims these elements are his passion. At an early age he realized he enjoyed interacting with tourists because they possessed the same passions for Baja’s natural areas and sports such as windsurfing and scuba diving as himself. Ismael obtained a degree in alternative tourism from the University of La Paz in 2010. He has worked in and around La Paz in tourism since as a scuba dive master and wind surf instructor. Ish brings a special passion for the unique natural beauty of wind and water in Baja to the Mar Y Aventuras team. He can’t wait to share it with you!

Patricia Ivonne Zapata Galindo

Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras Client Services - Evening Hours
Born in Mexico City, raised in Jalisco and having studied at the University in La Paz, Patricia joins the Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras team with a great deal of knowledge and expertise. After living and studying at the University in La Paz for 20 years she moved to Loreto and took her first job in hotel reception. She immediately enjoyed working with tourists, going the extra mile to help them create a wonderful vacation came easy to her. She enjoyed 8 years of working in the hotel business in Loreto before returning to La Paz. She’s spent the last couple years studying subjects she’s passionate about like psychology and alternative medicine while keeping fit and practicing yoga. We welcome Patricia with her organized and helpful manner as our evening receptionist at our hotel, Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras.

Juan Carlos Soto Chacon

Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras Client Services - Weekend Hours
A long time resident of La Paz, Juan Carlos, brings a plethora of knowledge to the Mar Y Aventuras team including hotel, restaurant and administrative management. Juan Carlos holds a degree in business management as well as a diploma from St. George Community College, Utah in photography and visual arts. At age 16 Juan Carlos began working with tourists and has since traveled from Cabo to Cancun to St. George, Utah and back to La Paz gaining knowledge and experience working in various areas of tourism. He particularly enjoys the interaction with a diverse variety of people and assisting them to fully enjoy their vacation.

Angel Benjamin Mariscal Contreras

Posada LunaSol and Mar Y Aventuras Client Services - Weekend Hours
Since 2010 Benjamin has worked for Mar Y Aventuras, guiding day trips and as the weekend receptionist for Posada LunaSol. He studied eco-tourism and holds a degree in alternative tourism from the local university. He speaks English well and has a keen interest in nature and physical outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, swimming and mountain biking. Benjamin, has a great deal to offer our clients as a local outdoor enthusiast with an easy going manner and extensive knowledge of La Paz and its surrounding natural areas.

Maribel Burgoin Olachea

Posada LunaSol - Head Housekeeper
Maribel is an integral part of our permanent hotel staff. She started with us in 2000 cleaning the office of Mar Y Aventuras. Once we opened our hotel in 2001 she became our head housekeeper. Maribel is often heard singing as she maintains and takes pride in a squeaky clean Posada LunaSol.